Why Everyone Should Go to a Rodeo at Some Point in Their Life

Hannah, staff

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If you’ve never been to a rodeo…you’re seriously missing out. From the thrill of bull-riding to the simplicity of chicken chasing, rodeos have something for everyone. Whether you like animals or looking for exciting entertainment, those eight seconds can pack a lot of adrenaline. Each rodeo is unique and unpredictable, and not one is alike.

Each and every rodeo starts with a ride in and the national anthem being blasted over the speakers. After that takes place, the announcers will introduce people and/or recognize past legends in rodeo history.  Then the excitement comes, from calf-roping, sheep riding, buggy racing, saddle bronc riding, team roping and bareback riding to the ultimate fan favorite, bull-riding. Of course some people have no entire clue what I’m talking about, but that’s the reason I’m writing this story. Now, there is more to rodeos than just animals; the clowns are also a fan-favorite in rodeos. The rodeo clown’s job is to entertain crowds and distract bulls for extra protection for the riders. The rodeo speakers are also constantly blaring loud country music during all the events taking place, and hello, who doesn’t love some good ole country music?

Every rodeo fan normally has a favorite rider out of the bunch, whether they’re locally known or a nationally-ranked champion. From Tuff Hedeman to J.B. Mauney the PBR world is filled with legends. My personal favorite would have to be Ty Murray, a.k.a the King of Cowboys. Ty Murray is one of the main reasons PBR (Professional Bull Riding) exists today. Another favorite would be Lane Frost, mainly because of the movie 8 Seconds. Which if you haven’t seen it…YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. Although Lane Frost died in 1989, from a broken rib severing an artery, his memory lives on.

You can learn a lot from going to a rodeo. It’ll clearly show the bravery and dedication these people have to put into their jobs. I mean, come on, it takes a lot of guts to stay on a bucking beast for at least eight seconds. We all know a lot could happen in eight seconds, so think about how it feels to have one hand strapped to a bull. Like I said before, you are most definitely missing out on this thrill-seeking adventure. So cowboy and cowgirl up and go get some boots on and enjoy that exciting atmosphere.