Best Six Flags Roller Coaster

Grace, staff

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Six Flags is a well-known amusement park in Atlanta, Georgia, and brings joy to people of all ages. With its many coaster choices, anyone can find a ride that suits them best. I asked the students around SHS what their favorite roller coaster was at Six Flags.

Both Elly and Lilly said that they enjoyed the Goliath, a 200-ft tall coaster that reaches speeds up to 70mph.

The Superman is a 115-ft tall ride in which you ride face down and head first, and is also Anna’s favorite.

Kendall said that her favorite ride is the Batman, a 105-foot ride where the tracks are above you.

Libby doesn’t typically like roller coasters, so she settles for the family-oriented Thunder River. When on this ride, expect to get wet.

Rachel’s favorite is the exciting Daredevil Dive, which drops you 95 ft down straight toward the ground.