A Flask From the Titanic Sells for Nearly $100,000

John Morgan, staff

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We all know the famous story of the Titanic thanks to James Cameron’s blockbuster hit in 1997. Pictures can say a thousand words, but objects can tell a story. Recently a flask that had survived the sinking of the Titanic sold for $98K. This sliver flask belonged to first-class passenger Churchhill Candee who gave the flask to fellow passenger Edward Kent saying, “You have a better chance of living than I.” Sadly Kent did not survive, but Candee did and got her flask back. The flask stayed in the family for years until it was sold to UK-based Henry Aldrige and son, reemerging for sale now. It was bought by an unkown British buyer. Not only has a flask from the Titanic been put up for auction, also a violin that allegedly belonged to one of the band members who tried to keep passengers calm by playing, and even a name plate from one of the lifeboats. The Flask and its owner Churchhill Candee