Man Gives up Everything to Help Troubled Teens

Sarah M., Staff

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Mark Redmond seemed to have it all, but he gave it up to serve his community. Mark had a well paid job, a nice car and suits, and he was living comfortably. So what changed? Mark decided to volunteer at Covenant House, a place that helped homeless teen boys, and before he knew it he was hooked.

Mark believed whole heartedly that he has doing what he was supposed to do in life, and, despite some concerns, he quit his job, gave his car to his brother, and sold his suits, fully committing to a full time job at Covenant House. Mark adored the kids he helped and continues to stay in contact with many of them. Mark has also now established Spectrum Youth and Family Services, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless and troubled teens.

So you see, one crazy, bold move can have awesome consequences.