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There is a McDonald’s in Springville Alabama. It is just past the train tracks. It provides a quick, easy source of food for anyone and everyone that wants to go. Soccer moms, late-night study sessions, people who are in a rush, and anyone else who wants an effortless meal goes to McDonalds.

I interviewed a McDonalds’ worker who has worked there for four months. He said that he gets a discount on the food. He said the best part of working there are the crew members and the relationships he has quickly established with them, calling some of them “some of the greatest people with fantastic comeback stories.” When I asked him what the worst part of working at McDonald’s is, he said the cleaning, not always getting a break, and having to work five days a week. But when you go to McDonalds you can always expect a smiling face ready to feed you and your family. McDonald’s has been helping people in a rush in Springville for a long time, and maybe if we are lucky, they will stay a lot longer.


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