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My name is Christion Johnson , but I like to go by YoungJuly because I am a music artist and I am more known by that name now because of my growth with music. I'm a senior at Springville High School. I have wild crazy hair, and...

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Hi, my name is Hannah. There isn't that much that’s special about me; I'm only writing this because I have to. I have way too many cats and the only things I'm good at in school are English class and not doing homework because I am ...

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My name is Madison. I am a senior at Springville High School. I am a captain of the varsity volleyball team. I am a member of Beta Club, Key Club, and Mu Alpha Theta. When I’m not playing volleyball, I enjoy spending time with ...

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Hi, my name is Cotton. I enjoy running, writing, singing and graphic design. I am a senior and I'm involved in Beta Club, Key Club, Student Council and Mu Alpha Theta. I also serve as the Senior Class President. After graduation I plan t...

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My name is Jacob, and I am a freshman. I am on the soccer team here at Springville. I'm in the journalism class. I am in Boy Scouts based out of Clay, Alabama. I have been going to Springville schools my entire life.

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My name is Noah, and I'm a junior at Springville High School. I have aspirations to be a chemical engineer or a theoretical physicist. My grades aren't really there for that, but I'm just lazy. After school I go to work. I'm a...

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Ava Grace


Hello, I'm Ava Grace. I enjoy reading, sleeping, and watching Netflix. I'm a new freshman this year and have been attending Springville schools since kindergarten. I have been in the band since sixth grade, and play the flute....

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Hi, I am Haley. I am a freshman this year and am currently involved in student council and color guard. I aspire to someday have a job in the culinary arts field. ...

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Beth Ann


My name is Beth Ann, and I am a freshman here at Springville High School. I have a sister named Caroline and, before you ask, no, we are not twins; I am a year and a half older. My family and I are members of Crosspoint ...

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My name is Kayla, and I am currently a junior at Springville High School. I am a part of Mu Alpha Theta, Student Council, and Key Club. I have a part-time job for right now. After high school I plan on going to the University of ...

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Kaleb, that's my name, welcome to my profile. I'm a handsome lad born in the comforts of the Shire. Just kidding, I was born in a regular ol' hospital. I enjoy marching band and reading. I march with the Southern Knights Drum and Bugle Corp and my hi...

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I am seventeen and a senior at Springville High School where I have been trudging through the marshes of AP classes and trying not to lose my limited-edition rubber boots. I have a younger sister and two younger brothers,...

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Hello everyone, my name is Emma, and I am a seventeen-year-old senior at Springville High School. I am an active member at Clearbranch United Methodist Church in my hometown of Argo. I am heavily involved in our community through my pas...

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I am really good at awful puns that usually make only me laugh. I play football and soccer for Springville High School. However, whenever I'm not playing sports, I'm either watching ESPN or Netflix. I have two jobs and very little time...

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Hi, I'm Ronnie! I am a senior this year at Springville High School. I play clarinet in the band and have been marching for five years. I am very interested in film, music, reading, and fashion. Last year I started a YouTube ch...

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My name is Natalie Powers and I am a junior at SHS. I have attended Springville since kindergarten. My favorite subject is science. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and spending time with my dogs. After high ...

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I am Owen, and I'm sure that my charming good looks would make you interested in my articles. If you still need convincing, I have a very impressive profile here. I am a senior this year at Springville as well as a five-year trombone player for the mar...

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Hi! My name is Jack. I'm a handsome rogue with a heart of gold. Just kidding, I'm a fairly normal person. I'm a senior who's looking forward to graduation and college. I hope to double major in Finance and Economics and then go ...

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I am sixteen and a junior this year at Springville High School. I am very involved at Deerfoot Baptist Church. I am a member of Key Club, SADD, and FCCLA. I also enjoy reading, writing, getting to better know my friends, an...

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Hi, my name is Bekah and I'm 17. I love reading, writing, singing, and travelling :^) If Harry Styles broke my nose, I'd say, "Thank you."  After high school I want to do something involving English; it's my favorite su...

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I am a senior this year at Springville High School. I play soccer, and I run cross county for the school. I am also apart of FCCLA and I am heavily involved at North Valley Church. My hobbies include running forever, talking to m...

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My name is Marnecia, and I'm seventeen years old. I was born December 7, 1999, in Trussville, Alabama. My favorite hobbies are basketball, sleeping, and watching tv. I used to play basketball here at Springville ...

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I'm a freshman at SHS. I play the alto saxophone in the SHS Marching band. I'm also on one of the Birmingham City swim teams. I swim for Greyson Pool. I have twelve rats, two dogs, four chickens, and a duck. I enjoy singing and ...

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I'm a freshman, and I love science. I have three siblings: one brother and two sisters. I play volleyball for Coach House. I went to Moody and moved to Springville in the seventh grade. ...

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I'm a freshman and I love reading books. My favorite subject is math, and I enjoy writing. I enjoy watching YouTube. My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and my favorite book is Tiger's Curse. Also, my f...

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Hello, I'm Sydney, a seventeen-year-old senior from Springville, and I like alliterations. At school, I am an SHS Danceline three-year captain, vice president of Beta club, and a member of six other clubs at the school. Outside of ...

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