I am seventeen and a senior at Springville High School where I have been trudging through the marshes of AP classes and trying not to lose my limited-edition rubber boots. I have a younger sister and two younger brothers, along with my parents' fifth dependent – my eccentric grandfather from New Zealand. In a voluntary scope, I enjoy band tremendously, as well as choir, as the physical activity is nicely limited to a mild sweat at most. Writing music is also a passion of mine (although I also enjoy writing essays, so I may be a less-than-credible inspiration). My other interests include video games and a variety of activities in the creative roleplaying category that we can strategically gloss over before I am used as fodder for the bonfire of a nerd sacrifice cult.  Admittedly, despite my love for the liberal arts, I plan to abandon them for the sake of practicality, losing all hope of being called a woman of true passion by my high school peers and possibly my mother, but gaining the compensation back in new adventures and direct deposits: I plan to explore medical sciences, taking an undergraduate in pre-med and eventually moving on to enter pharmacology school in order to become a biomedical researcher and hopefully give back to the world anything I can to improve the lives of those around me. 

Alyssa, staff

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