Salutations to the person that is reading this. My name is Chris. I have attended SHS for two years now, and I have spent my time here being awkward and sprinting through the hall to get to class. I'm also a member of the XC and Track & Field team. I have been running for six years now. If you ever see a ginger rush past you in the school or out, it's most likely me. If you ever see me in the hall and want to talk to me, I might just ignore you because I'm always in a hurry. Although if I do stop to talk to you, it will most likely be an awkward encounter for the both of us, so good luck. Also, I will answer to the name Christmas, but thats a story for another time. I also can do a British and Irish accent which is why I will also answer to the name Scotty. I consider myself to be a major history nerd and I rather enjoy history jokes. I'm very much obsessed with memes and Vines, so reference them when you're in my presence. Oh, I almost forgot to mention I'm a senior, so yeah. To end this I'm going to leave you with a quote: " I gotta pee" -Forrest Gump.

Christopher, Staff

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