Aloha, my name is Hannah, or according to some people Hbev! Yes, I get called Hannah Montana every second of my life...but hey I'm 17 and absolutely obsessed with Jurassic Park. If you ever see someone walking around with a cast on... it's probably me. I'm on color-guard where I'm also a rifle and sabre. I play flute, guitar, and ukulele; I sing whenever I get the chance; and I dance 24/7. I'm a Disney fanatic and would definitely live at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter if my parents would let me. I absolutely love fall and my three dogs Bullet, Buddy, and Hoss. If you ever need someone to make extremely terrible puns or be very sarcastic, I'm your girl. Sadly I can't write a book about myself right now but this is mainly all you need to know! (More like what you didn't wanna know but oh well) *snaps fingers* peace out!

Hannah, staff

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