Hi! My name is Jack. I'm a handsome rogue with a heart of gold. Just kidding, I'm a fairly normal person. I'm a senior who's looking forward to graduation and college. I hope to double major in Finance and Economics and then go to law school. I run track and cross country, and I play trombone in the band. In my free time I like listening to podcasts, because I'm a nerd, but not nerdy enough to listen to NPR. I can frequently be found complaining about issues that either don't matter or are too complicated for me to understand. I tend to focus on the latter, but I often ponder on whether a bear could beat a silverback gorilla in a fight. I sometimes wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, but I make a point to brush my teeth with toothpaste. Anyway, my shorts are too short, my ego is too big, and I'm an idiot, so if you see me in the hall, say hi. 

Jack, staff

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