Hello, I'm Sydney, a seventeen-year-old senior from Springville, and I like alliterations. At school, I am an SHS Danceline three-year captain, vice president of Beta club, and a member of six other clubs at the school. Outside of school, I am a student teacher at a dance studio, on the Highlands Kids Worship Team, an active member of Church of the Highlands, and a staff member at an event venue.  In my free time, I enjoy writing, playing piano, hiking, practicing calligraphy and eating good food. I absolutely love music; I enjoy any kind from classical to pop to country to rap. I love the beach and the lake, and I am always ready to go on a long drive down backroads blaring music with the windows down. I love my cat; she's basically my own personal therapist. I love making lists and color-coding things and watching crime and mystery shows. I love talking to people and seeing different viewpoints of different people, no matter how much I hate it. I'm a procrastinator, and sarcasm is probably my strongest suit.  

Sydney, staff

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